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Storm Frame Windows has the largest selection of high quality impact windows and doors for your home and business utilizing the best frame material and hardware available in the industry to endure salt air, uv, and the harsh weather conditions of the Bahamas.

All Wood Doors

BM Style

A BM Style door could be just what you are looking for when you need it.

We have several styles of doors and they vary with the construction method and what is applied to the door. Our most common is a standard door with our signature BM195 panel mould applied to one or both of the faces of the door. The BM style is the most economical way to spice up your favorite door unit. It is available on all door types, any thickness and is rating independent.

Plantation Style

The Plantation style comes from the homes of the old south.

This style can be linked to the plantation homes of the south and has a very southern feel. It is comprised of a flat panel with moulding applied around in the panel on the inside and outside. The standard moulding we use is BM215, but any of our trim moulding's could be substituted and give you the same look and feel.

Sea Island Style

This door style was made popular by and gained its name from Sea Island, GA.

The next step up is the Sea Island style. It features an applied moulding around the panel openings and is available for any door thickness. This style maximizes the glass are while enhancing the panels. This style can be incorporated into SDL or TDL doors and works best on all panel doors. It is available for both rated and non rated products.

68mm Style

The 68mm style can be a combination of all the other styles and very unique.

This is a better described as a construction method as opposed to applying a moulding to the door. This door style is much thicker overall, around 2 11/16" and can cover a wide range of applications. Its thick build gives it plenty of strength required for larger than normal doors and allows for narrower styles to be used on tall doors. The panel openings can be filled with any of our door profiles and styles described above to create a truly unique door.

French Style

The French style is derived from the many elaborate styles found in France.

The French Style comes from and was inspired by classic French doors. This profile projects a hearty 7/8" above the surface of the door. The profile has a deep undercut on the backside inline with French traditions. This design does allow us the incorporate the profile into both the glass and panel openings. This style can be incorporated into SDL or TDL doors as well. It is available for both rated and non rated products.

Paris Style

The Paris style was born from the many entry doors of Paris.

The Paris Style is based on profiles by Louis XV and is typically found on many of the Parisian residences. This is our largest profile available. It is recommended that this be used on large doors with few glass or panel openings. This style works great for all panel doors and is only available for SDL glass doors. It will work with both rated and non rated products.



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