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Storm Frame Windows has the largest selection of high quality impact windows and doors for your home and business utilizing the best frame material and hardware available in the industry to endure salt air, uv, and the harsh weather conditions of the Bahamas.

PVC Single Hung Windows

Windquest Series single & double hung windows are available as segment head units and mulled in various configurations.

Windquest® Series vinyl windows & patio doors are designed to meet very specific needs. Impact performance units are designed for coastal areas. High performance units are built and tested to offer optimal design pressure ratings. Energy performance units have triple pane glass to meet or exceed strict energy efficiency requirements.

Interior & Exterior: Vinyl

  • 20+ Exterior Colors
  • 10-Yr Ltd Ext Finish Warranty

Impact Performance Products

  • Impact Laminated Glass
  • LoE²-270 + Argon Gas
  • Impact Certified to IPD4
  • Miami-Dade County NOA (white vinyl products only with no finish options)

High Performance Products

  • Double Pane Glass
  • LoE²-270 + Argon Gas
  • Built for & Tested for Optimal Design Pressure Ratings
  • Excellent for Commercial Projects

Energy Performance Products

  • Triple Pane Glass
  • LoE²-270, LoE²-180 + Argon Gas
  • Most units meet R5
  • Most units meet DP50
  • Max. air infiltration only .01 cu. ft./min.
    (30 times better than industry standard)


Single Hung Shapes

  • The top sash is stationary
  • The bottom sash slides up & down to operate

*Cottage-style and reverse cottage-style single hungs are custom units.



Mull Configurations

Rectangular single hungs can be mulled:

  • Two-, three-, or four-units wide
  • Two- or three-units high
  • Up to a maximum of 10-feet wide by 8-feet high
  • With studio units to create picture window combinations; for more about studio units & picture combinations, see Double Hungs > Studio/Picture
  • With transoms; for more information about transoms, see Double Hungs > Transom

Segment head single hungs can be mulled:

  • Two-wide

Whether mulled side-by-side or stacked vertically, the total rough opening width or height of the mulled unit is equal to the rough opening width or height of each individual unit added together.

*IP & HP units are limited to these mull configurations.

Mullling Information

  • IP units - To meet impact certification requirements, IP units must be mulled with reinforced, structural spread mulls. They must be mulled in the field (i.e., on the job site).
  • HP units - To meet design pressure ratings, HP units must be mulled with reinforced, structural spread mulls. They may be mulled in the factory or in the field (i.e. on the job site).


Interior Finishes

uPVC Extrusions for Vinyl Units

  • The white & beige colors are integral to the vinyl, so they will never need refinishing
  • For Windquest IP units to meet Miami-Dade NOA, they must be white vinyl; IP units that are beige vinyl or color-coated can quality for IPD4 and HVHZ, but DO NOT qualify for Miami-Dade NOA

NOTES:  Actual colors may vary from on-screen images.  Please make selections using color samples from your local dealer.



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